BDD logoWith over 24 years experience as a graphic designer, 15 as a writer, and 8 as an independent publisher, and past experience as a Community Leader and a Customer Support aide, Greg Banks knows the ins and outs of the independent publishing business. He has extensive experience with interior layout, graphic and website design, and using social media to build a web presence and to promote oneself, and so he knows what it takes to produce a professional-grade book, and how to best promote it via the Internet. Also, his years of experience as a community leader and forum administrator for various websites has taught him how to work with and guide Indie Authors and Publishers and he is always happy to share what he knows in his eagerness to help others be successful.

And his number one goal with BDDesign LLC is just that, to use his skills and knowledge to help independent authors/publishers produce the best and most professionally presented books possible. As an independent author and publisher himself, his philosophy is that the success of others is in some part a success for himself as well.

BDDesign LLC will provide a range of services, the kind of services that have proven to be most useful to today's new breed of author, the author who has chosen to take control of his own publishing endeavors and is seeking to create, publish, and sell them to the masses. The kind of author who has big dreams and tons of motivation but simply doesn't possess all the knowledge or skills necessary to get the job done. That's where we at BDDesign LLC excel.

We offer a variety of services to help in both the design, presentation, and promotion of your works in a manner that will make your work stand out. If you're looking for flash and dash design, or someone who will promise you that with their help you will become the next Tom Clancy or JK Rowling, you've come to the wrong place. We don't believe that selling pipe dreams and unrealistic expectations is useful to either you or us. Our goal here at BDDesign LLC is to put you in the best position to succeed, with as much assistance and information as we can provide.

Our range of services include cover design, interior layout & formatting, PDF creation, ebook formatting, Social Media promotion, and soon, website design.

So, if you're ready to send your literary babies out of the nest and into the wide world and want to give them the very best chance to fly, BDDesign LLC is has the services you need.

Member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

Ebook Formatting

Want to get your book on the hottest selling ebook readers on the market via Kindle or Epub format, but don't possess the knowledge or skills to do it properly? Then these are the services for you.

Book Cover Illustration & Design

If you want a creative and professionally designed cover, a one piece wraparound cover (with front, back, and customized spine) or two piece covers (separate front and back covers, with no spine), then these are the services for you.